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Little Saigon Incentive Program

Why are we starting an incentive program?

boost sales​

encourage staff

apart of the company

team work

How it works

Before the beginning of each month we - the management team - will set a sales percentage goal for each restaurant (which will be available on this page). If the restaurant beats their goal they will receive an incentive! If they do not beat their goal they won't receive anything. The amount that you get will be based on how many hours you have worked.

  • Be an employee before the first of the month

  • Have worked the entire month

  • Work a minimum of 2 shifts per week

Ineligible if...
What is the incentive?

The incentive will be money!

How long does it last?

It will last a month!

What's in it for you?

You will have the chance to earn extra cash $$

How much will I get?

The amount of money you receive is based on how many hours you have worked. Click here to see an example of how much you could make.

  • Away for more than 7 days

  • Quit or get fired within said month

Tips on how to achieve the goal
  • Suggestive selling!

    • Examples of what to say:

      • Would you like to add veggies to your pho?​​

      • ​Can I get you an Iced tea

      • Do you have room for dessert?

    • Don't ask customers if they'd like water and don't automatically give them it either!​

  • Use your order sheet when ordering from the warehouse​

    • Make sure you have everything in stock!​

      • How can someone order tofu bowl with no tofu!​​

  • When it's slow go home!​​

    • Little Saigon earns money from customers, if there are no customers how is the company supposed to pay you?


Beat 10% of last months sales

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