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Our story

Established in 2006, Little Saigon opened its first store in Mission BC with the goal of serving customers MSG-free Vietnamese cuisine made only with the best and freshest ingredients.

Saigon's extraordinary beef broth is made with the leanest Canadian AAA grade beef simmered for 10 hours with hand selected spices yielding a broth that is unique and refreshing. A special filtering technique allows for the removal of all the unwanted residue resulting in a clear broth that lets you see exactly what is in your bowl - similar to Saigon's philosophy of knowing exactly what goes into our products.










Since the beginning, owner-operator Mike Tran set out to take full control of our production line thus negating the possibility of unknown ingredients from making its way into our food. To this day, Little Saigon has grown to a total of three branches in Mission (2006), Abbotsford (2010) and Yaletown (2013) all of which serve food made in-house, nothing to worry about and can't find anywhere else.







Little Saigon's series of sauces have also found its way into several major BC grocery stores, a testament to Saigon's dedication in providing Canadian families with healthy options right in the comfort of their homes.

Going forward, Saigon's seeks to provide more food and products throughout Canada and allow for an ease-of-mind dining experience. Customers can dine knowing that all ingredients - whether its our vermicelli bowls or a single wonton in our soup - are made and vetted by Little Saigon.

Rare Beef on Rice Noodles
Clear Beef Broth
Canadian AAA Beef
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